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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vineyard cake

I was asked by a friend to design a cake for a family get together in the city of Mildura in N. Victoria. Grapes and a large bow were requested as the family were producers of grapes. Oh and it was discussed that it might be cute to have a tractor on the cake.

The family have strong Christian values and I wasn't sure how to get the Christmas message into the design so included the name EMMANUEL which equals 'God with us' Always up for a challenge .... never done a bow... never done a tractor...  but the cake was designed, baked and presented. We were a bit concerned as to how it would travel in 35 degrees + but it was boxed up with instructions to keep it cool and with confidence the happy couple [and the cake] started their 8 hour journey via an overnight stop in Melbourne.


Hi Janet,

The cake was a real hit, and carried well. The highlight of our lunch.


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