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Thursday, July 28, 2011

80th Birthday

Today I delivered this cake to a lady celebrating her 80th birthday.

She had requested a square cake with white icing and red roses around the words:
Mum ..... Nan
Happy 80th birthday.

Now my ability to write on cakes has never filled me with confidence so I tend to look for easier ways of communicating the message. You will notice the ribbon around the cake.Well the story is that  I scoured the internet for a suitable product. I couldn't find anywhere in Australia who was able to help. The only place which Google turned up was in the UK - Rule Britannia - I say!

Now Pearl was suitably impressed when I said I had sent to the UK for the said ribbon and more impressed when I said the quoted price would still remain the same. I know I can hear people say that I am a big softy!!! 

Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEARL. I am not in this business to get rich but to bring smiles to the face of complete strangers. [Hmmm I wonder if this is Rupert Murdock's business mantra?}

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fisherman Cake

"Janet thank you so much for the cake. My husband liked it and it tasted great. Everyone loved it.I have your details by the phone and will have no hesitation in using you again and recommending you to my friends"

The cake was requested by a lady whose husband was turning 60.

The theme 'The Great Outdoors" He enjoyed fishing, and he had just bought a tinny [boat]. He was a former rugby player. Although living in Australia for over 20 years he was a proud New Zealander. I decided to include the icons of kiwi and the sheep and designed the rugby jersey including the White Fern and 60. I couldn't resist the gum tree and the snake which are Aussie icons.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun With Colour

I had been asked to create a Princess Cake for a little girl but the customer pulled out.  I contacted a friend who was a teacher to ask if she knew of anyone who might like a cake. 

Kelly, her daughter was having a birthday  - perfect opportunity! 
So with some redesigning a new cake was born. The birthday girl was also heavily pregnant [hence the bump] The cake was two tier with the base being a dark chocolate mud cake and the upper tier a 3 level cake of choc and strawberry - very girlie. The cake covered with ganache and topped with sugar fondant coloured with electric colours - BRIGHT. The gum paste model is hand made.