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Thursday, July 28, 2011

80th Birthday

Today I delivered this cake to a lady celebrating her 80th birthday.

She had requested a square cake with white icing and red roses around the words:
Mum ..... Nan
Happy 80th birthday.

Now my ability to write on cakes has never filled me with confidence so I tend to look for easier ways of communicating the message. You will notice the ribbon around the cake.Well the story is that  I scoured the internet for a suitable product. I couldn't find anywhere in Australia who was able to help. The only place which Google turned up was in the UK - Rule Britannia - I say!

Now Pearl was suitably impressed when I said I had sent to the UK for the said ribbon and more impressed when I said the quoted price would still remain the same. I know I can hear people say that I am a big softy!!! 

Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEARL. I am not in this business to get rich but to bring smiles to the face of complete strangers. [Hmmm I wonder if this is Rupert Murdock's business mantra?}

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