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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The 18th Birthday at Whale Beach.

Well I am back at home after a quick trip to Sydney with Ken and Mavis to attend the 18th birthday of their grandson Matt. The cake was a joint effort where Mavis baked a superb chocolate cake and I decorated it. Decided on something which would travel well - a party theme. The result was stars and streamers on a white cake supported on a black fondant covered board.

Travelled by plane - THANK GOODNESS for the Wilton cake carrier as the cake travelled beautifully - but nearly lost it at Sydney airport - it was nearly mistaken for a suspicious incendiary device. Anyway all ended well and the authorities released it after checking for explosives! [I have embellished this story somewhat!] Anyway I was a bit stunned at the positive  attention it attracted from perfect strangers who were also travelling. Shucks I should have had some business cards handy!!

The cake then went to Whale Beach [N Beaches Sydney] A very special place to have an 18th birthday party. Thank you the Downing family for inviting me to decorate a cake  and attend the birthday bash.

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