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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Paris Cake for a 21st Birthday

I had never made a "Paris' themed cake before. Where do I start? Why, with Mr Google of course!

Mr Google helped out again with lots of images of a 'PARIS CAKE'. The majority were in white, black and pink. Not sure why as the national flag is red, white and blue. But anyway black, pink and white makes for a lovely colour combination for a female.

The next thing that stuck out for me on the majority of the images was - you guessed it - an Eiffle Tower. So began a search to find an ornament that would stand amongst the flowers, on top of the cake. Couldn't find one anywhere - I don't live in France but on the other side of the world - AUSTRALIA. I came to the conclusion that I would have to make one. Not sure if I could, so back to Mr Google to try and access a pattern and I found one.

So here is the cake [note it is without the famous structure] I thought I would leave that for the customer to place on the cake. Happy Birthday Carissa.

Link for the E Tower:  http://mydiditlist.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/tour-eiffel-de-papier.html

I used the pattern to copy the shape and added the 'iron frame work' details with edible ink pen.


Hi Janet,
I would  like to say thank you so much  for an amazing job on the cake.  Everyone loved it. It was a big hit. we would  recommend you to all our friends.


Jenny hayward

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