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Sunday, July 1, 2012

FairyToadstool Cake

The challenge to make a fairy cake for Rhianna, a 3 year old.  So the thinking process began .... I went straight to Google and discovered the Fairy Toadstool idea. Noted that one caker had reported that she had found it difficult to get a good finish on the roof of the toadstool ... ummm I don't want that! Suddenly I remembered that I had a polystyrene ball which if cut in half could be used for the roof. definitely a EUREKA moment!

I cut and covered the semi-sphere with red fondant and produced a dome ready to be covered with spots and a chimney. The cottage was a plain vanilla cake covered in a decorator buttercream which had been flavoured with caramel. Rhianna the fondant fairy was added to the scene and totally edible fondant [sugar- paste] flowers sprinkled around the board which had been first covered with the white fondant surrounded by hearts. Yes I loved making this cake. 12 cupcakes were also provided with the cake.
Comment from customer as she reported that her grown son who tasted one of the cupcakes said,
" Now that's a CUPCAKE." She also said that her granddaughter Rhianna loved the fairy toadstool. So everyone was happy!


  1. Hi Jan, looks beautiful! I've done a fairy toadstool cake too, I used two different sized bowls to bake the cake in, there is a pic of the finished product on my blog.